Top 5 Best 7 inch Tablets of 2016 [Pictures + Videos]

Have you become tired of searching the best 7-inch tablets on the internet that must have pictures along with videos at the same place so that you should not need to roam? If yes, you have come to the right place at the right time. Here is the list of tablets that was updated recently. The List of Top 5 Best 7-inch Tablets Apple iPad Mini 3What People Like Great High-Resolution ScreenGreat Look and FeelAvailable in 7.9 Inch
What People Don’t Like Seems the same tablet as iPad Mini 2Still have the same processor and hardwareExpensive
If you’re an Apple lover, the tablet is for you. Being the best brand on the planet, you can trust its quality. Brief depiction: “Support 2G, 3G 4G, CDMA, EVDO. Dual Core 1.3Ghz ARM v8 Processor. 1GB RAM. Primary 5 MP Camera. 324 PPI Pixel Density. PowerVR G6430 (Quad-core Graphics). Operating System iOS 9.3.3. Li-Po 6470 mAh battery (24.3 Wh)” PRICEApple products have been expensive when it comes to pricing. If you’re an Apple lover, you will never mind this …

Top 8 Fastest Android Processors: As of August 2016

Isn’t it fun to know the latest thing of everything? Of course, it is. That’s why you have come to read the article about the fastest Android processors in the market. Who doesn’t know a fast processor is the central part of a smartphone that makes it quicker and smoother when it comes to running the apps you love. “The faster the processor you have, the smoother your smartphone will run.” When we look at the latest needs of a human, people want to see everything fast either they need a car, a laptop, an Android smartphone, or an Apple product. Previously: Top 5 Free Themes For Android (You Wish You Knew Earlier) By looking at the needs, I have compiled the list of fastest phone processor of Android OS. Here we go: 1. SnapDragon 820Fastest Android Processor SnapDragon 820 What a cool name of the fastest processor, isn’t? You can say it a dragon as it makes the phone run faster. You might be thinking what does it make unique? Because it has 8 cores – Quad Core- having a speed of 2.15G…

8 Reasons Why I love Android 7 Nougat

It’s rightly said every person likes his own thing. The thing you like, perhaps, the other person might not like. There are many reasons as our subconscious mind has different love map for everything either it comes to falling in love with a girl or a song you like.  IF YOU CAN’T READ THE ENTIRE ARTICLE, WATCH THE VIDEO. With every new release of Android version, more features come out than ever before. Without a new interface or a new look, it doesn’t make a thing new. We love to see different things in our life with the ever changing color of everything that we have seen before. Here are the things I love: Multitasking: Who doesn’t love multitasking when we run our favorite apps on our laptop? It was impossible some years ago, but now the new OS has made it easy. You can run your favorite apps at the same time, i.e., if you’re watching a movie on your phone and you want to watch how many goals your favorite team has done, you can take a glance of it without closing the app you’re runni…

Top 3 Best Ad Blockers For Android (Of All Time)

In this modern age, nobody likes annoying ads running on your favorite browser because of interruptions they make. I have found the best Ad blockers for Android phones so that you don’t need to find any more on the internet. LIST OF THE BEST AD BLOCKERS FOR ANDROID 1. Free Adblocker Browser It’s considered the best ad blocker app for the Android smartphones. It eradicates the irritating ads. The advantage is that it works on Google Chrome browser too unlike Adblock Plus (Samsung Browser). It saves a lot of data, but how? It blocks ads even before it is downloaded from the browser. It is cool for those who have data limit problem. I am sure after downloading this, you will never see ridiculous pop-ups again. It also blocks cookies from the third parties websites. It means it makes browsing surprisingly fast. It is also helpful if you’re frustrated with video ads on Youtube or other video sharing sites, then this app is for you.

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How Much Does Google Worth? Everything You Need to Know

What an interesting question how much does Google worth, isn’t it? For me, it’s one of the most curious questions I have ever seen. I love Google more than my girlfriend because it’s impressed me more than anything else in my life – seriously no joke. There is no doubt Google is one of the most expensive companies in the world, but the real question is how much? You must have knowledge that Google has acquired more than 190 companies since 1998. Now, imagine a little bit yourself how much it might cost. Can’t imagine? According to Forbes, the brand value of Google is $82 billion pretty impressive although, but not impressive for you perhaps as Bill Gates who is the richest man in the world has $81 billion in his bank. But, if you combine all the shares, stakeholders and companies’ worth then you have to pay more than $552 billion. A what? Yes! You can’t, perhaps, nobody can buy the company. Google’s worth is more than $552 billion amazingly. Four days ago, Google acquired Eyefluence w…

Best 7 Android Data Recovery Software and Apps

Every day a lot of people lose their data because they don’t know how to protect the data from being lost on your Android phones. Some people can be arrested if data is lost. Nowadays, people keep a lot of their data on their smartphone they don’t know it can be lost if the precaution measures are not taken. It’s a good practice to keep your data safe by installing apps that can recover the data at the when you have lost. Why? Because with the passage of time, the ability of smartphone for recovery the data decreases. So, it is good if you recover the data at the lost time, not after a few days. Data is lost in the form of pictures and files. I have found the top 7 Android data recovery app along with APK Google Play store links as well as Windows and Mac software applications so that you can recover in the case when you don’t have the access to your Android smartphone. Read Also: Top 5 Free Themes For Android PHOTO ANDROID RECOVERY APPS 1. Dig Deep Image Recovery App
It’s been download…